Transforming how skilled workers and service providers connect in the energy sector

Manup is pioneering the intelligent & seamless connection of service-based companies with vetted freelance energy professionals

Tired of the pain of finding, vetting and contracting skilled workers for your projects?

Because of the safety-critical nature of the energy industry, we place a premium on compliance and appreciate its importance to successful project delivery.

We guarantee that any personnel contracted through our platform has been subjected to rigorous vetting and compliance checks.

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Our Promise

"We will always find you the right people at the right time and at the right price."

Value to Businesses

Speed of Hire

Manup help clients reduce time to fill and lower administrative costs

Compliance Enforcement

Technology enabled platform for efficient compliance monitoring, training and workers accreditation assurance

Cognitive & Behavioral Matching

Remove the guesswork from hiring on demand skilled workers

Global Presence

Access the fastest growing network of pre-vetted employees across 70+ countries

Value to Workers

Timely Payments

Manup lets you access your paycheck early.

Democratized Rates

Decide your own rates as you compete with other candidates

Value added services

Access to training and other services curated to keep you competitive in the industry


Work on your own terms on projects best matched to your skills, availability and location

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Your digital destination for landing projects best matched to your skills, availability and location.


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Our Mission

At Manup, our mission is to expand economic opportunities for the men and women who work on mission critical energy projects while solving real business problems for the companies that hire them

In the Energy industry, not having the right skilled worker on the project at the right time can have hundreds of millions of dollars of operational and potentially, profound safety impact. Founded by an experienced team of Energy industry professionals, we tap on years of domain expertise to help clients efficiently find, vet, train and mobilize workers on-demand, while expanding economic opportunities for the men and women working on mission-critical projects that power the world

We are pleased to be solving real business problems for all users of the Manup platform.

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